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I just posted a similar thread...I haven't seen anything yet. I planted on the 7th of Mar. I guess we'll wait and see
Have you seen any sprouts yet? None here

Cheers!!! :tank:

All rhizomes from ThymeGarden.com have been in the ground a coupla weeks and all have long since sprouted--some from maybe 2" and some up to 5-6"--Cascades, Centennial, Magnum, Hallertauer, Sterling--Last year's Chinook appear to be sprouting from the old wood just below the surface, small leaves less than 1"; last year's Nugget??? a little probing reveals shoots just below surface running horizontally.

Magnum sprouted first and growing best so far.

Here in Avon Park (adjacent to Sebring--about 60-70 miles south of Orlando near 27.)