Centennial Blonde?

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Feb 10, 2009
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Eastpointe, Michigan
I am started to brew the Centennial Blonde in about 2 hours. My slightly converted recipe is this for 5 gallons total with a boil size of 3 gallons....

1lb Cara-Pils (steep for 30 min.)
2lb Extra Light DME
.25 Centennial 9% (45 min)
.25 Centennial (20 min)
.25 Cascade (10 min)
.25 Cascade (5 min)
3 lb Extra Light DME( 1 minute)

My question is this. How much water should I steep the Cara Pils in?? I was thinking of 2.5 gallons. I am guessing that the amount of water that the grains are steeped in does matter in terms of concentration. Any thoughts?
for steeping it doesn't matter the conversion has been done for you. You'll be fine with steeping carapils in 2.5g of water as carapils does not add anything to color or flavor.
The less gravity the wort is the better hop utilization you will get. How much I dont know that is why I use beersmith. Also if the change in IBU is less than 5 you wont be able to tast a difference from what I read. Also doing a late extract addition wont produce as dark of a wort due to maillard reactions.
Gotcha. I learn something everyday. Thanks!

As above, it is a good idea, especially for a light colored beer.
BTW, I made an extract version of this beer, almost exactly like yours, and it came out great. Gone in a week, but my sister and her friend were visiting and hit the keg hard.