Cellar7 Malbec - day 5, no movement…

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Oct 24, 2013
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I‘ve had the above on since Sunday. It‘s in my bathroom, the temperature has been between 23 and 25C but there’s been no movement in the air lock all week.

I did think it was a temperature problem so I bought a stick-on thermometer - it’s reading 24C so I’m not sure.

My initial reading was 1.07 and it’s now 1.06 so probably not a leaky seal as it would likely have reduced much further.

…weirdly, despite reading 24C on the stick-on thermometer and 23/24C on my digital multimeter, house does feel cold and the side of the ferm is cold to touch (even though the temperature reads 24!).

I’ve put a blanket around the fermenter but wondering what else I could do to get it going?