Cask Conditioning in Polypins/Cubitainers?

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May 3, 2020
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I've been reading about using a polypin/cubitainer to cask condition and it sounds amazing. They are cheap, reusable, and collapse as you pour. I love British-style ales, but don't like flat beer. Has anyone had luck with using these containers for carbonating/serving? Did you get at least some level of carbonation? Thanks!

5 Gallon Cube® Assembled Cubitainer® | U.S. Plastic Corp.
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Apr 2, 2011
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I used to use em regularly. I would rack to them with isinglass either with priming sugar, or with a carefully determined amount of residual sugars left to ferment, and store em at fermentation temp to prime with the spigot at the top. Once they were inflated (12-24 hrs) I'd use cold wet blankets to drop em to 50-55 or so. If they were super hard I'd vent them slightly (above 1.5 volumes gets really dicey). The next day vent em off and place em for serving, swapping out cooling blankets as needed. Then pour em the next day and kill em in one go. If i had multiples (I'd often do 2x2.5gal or 3x1gal or the like), I'd leave them spigot on top at 50-55 and monitor them, and vent slightly if they looked about to burst.

I wouldn't plan on more than 3-4 turns per pin though. They hold on to quite a bit of aroma. But they're cheap.
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