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Mar 12, 2010
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Nashville, Tennessee
HELP! I’m serving a keg of hard seltzer now and the co2 keeps coming out of solution when I pour! Can anyone help me fix this issue? I carbed the keg much higher (I’ll check my notes) and extended the line to I think 12 feet and am in the process of being able to serve at higher psi (like 25 psi, again I’ll need to check my notes) but even at 12 psi serving the co2 comes out of solution when you pour, can anyone shed any light on how to solve this issue who has experience with home draft soda?


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May 31, 2011
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Stow, MA
Hopefully the note checking will reveal what the original carbonation goal was (volumes of CO2) and at what temperature the soda is being held and served.

But, in the mean time...

- Assuming the OP is now using 12 feet of 3/16" ID conventional beverage line, that's only going to be good to around 15 psi.
- Meanwhile, 40°F soda carbonated to 3.5 volumes (typical of Coke, etc) requires ~24 psi.
- The only line length calculator worth using says 24 psi requires at least 21 feet of that same beverage line.

The other issue: Setting the CO2 pressure below the equilibrium level (reference that carbonation table) is no cure for dispensing ills because it will cause CO2 to break out of solution, the degree set by the pressure differential from equilibrium. Bubbles beget bubbles, so the last thing one wants to have to deal with is CO2 breakout.

The order of precedence: pick a dispensing temperature, then a carbonation level, then use the table to find the right CO2 pressure to use, then use Mike's calculator to tune the dispensing system to handle that pressure...