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I have read that bench cappers are best but still hit or miss. I suggest you get non-twist off bottles. Ask friends to collect them for you, de-label them and soon you will have plenty.
Twist off bottles are thinner at the top and break easier. Why do you want to use them? Get some non-twist off and use over and over. Even without an opener, a non twist off is easy to open.
be carefull just learned on a batch that not all pop tops are the same, I assumed they were and had to empty and re bottle 4 from a local brewery that uses a slightly larger cap. What a P.I.T.A. that was. Trying to pour 4 bottles back into the bottling bucket without oxygenating too much!. Now I check that the caps fit before filling
I use twist offs from time to time, the bench capper works fine. I wouldn't rely on bottling beer that would be around for a while though. Follow the good advice of getting brews in regular crown bottles, you still may want to invest in a bench capper it seems to go a little easier.
I settled on S.N. stubbies. I bought a few cases, 12 and 6 packs and I now have all the bottles I need and they all match. P.S. I got the beer for free, just the cost of the bottles. LOL:D
Of course there are cappers that cap threaded bottles. The big beer companies use them all the time! LOL!

But seriously, best case scenario is to use a bench capper. But I wouldn't. I've seen what it does to the necks and threads, and IMO it's just way better to collect the unthreaded bottles and just use them.

Here in Michigan we have a deposit law. I can go to most any store or party store and ask to dig out some clean, used craft bottles and they only cost 10 cents each. This was handy for when I first started. After that I just saved the craft bottles I bought, and reused most of my homebrew bottles.

If you don't have such a law, you can probably ask at a recycle place. They may let you take them for free. I'd be surprised if you didn't have some kind of access to pry-off bottles in that part of Canada.
In Canada, it's the twist offs that we return and that are reused. I don't think I've seen any 12oz bottles that are pop tops other than from a few macro imports.

When I started I bought some bottles, got some from a friend who's moved onto kegging, and slowly accumulated 500ml and 750ml bottles from the craft beer I get.
I have successfully capped twist top bottles but I only use them in case I run out of proper bottles. You will find that more than twice they will break due to weakness of the glass. They also loosen more and beers may be undercarbed/flat upon opening.

Not all pop tops are created equal either. Anyone tried to cap a Pilsner Urquell bottle?? Avoid them like the plague!
Is there a capper out there that will cap twistoff bottles ??

don't use twist off bottles for bottling home-brew!

Just get more regular bottles.

They are only about $1-$2 per bottle at a local grocery store, and they come filled with beer!
When I first got into it, I asked at a couple of bars if I could take their empties. Most of em said "Our recycling guy picks up on Tuesday, so come on Monday" or something like it. Don't your bars have normal tops? Or are they all topless?