Can't go to the office today

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Jun 15, 2007
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Went to go to work and found out that the sewer main outside froze or something, and backed up raw sewage all over our office.

The two 'regular' tech support people are at home on standby...

but since I'm tier 2 support, I have remote access. So guess who has to work from home all day while the other people play hooky?


might have to tomorrow also, as the health dept. has to clear the building for occupancy before we go back in.

the carpet was wet all over and full of melted hershey kiss looking stains....

eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww :cross:
Just make sure that you're able to continue working from home until they put in new carpet.
I'm omw out the door. I woke up feeling like ass, and took day quil - worked fine, but now it wore off. I have VPN, but not a lot to use it for at the mo', as most my projects are hands-on grunt work. Boo grunt work. Yay billing.
Sounds almost like what happened at SWMBO's office. One weekend last spring a steam pipe bust. So when they went in it was like a jungle with the humidity, heat, and mildew. My wife was sick for a month with her alergies because they still had to work in that place...
Update: office closed today..possibly part of next week as well. dry wall was damaged so we have some remodelling to do.

another slow drunken day of VPN 'work'.

the nice part is its our annual vendor meeting, so its exceptionally slow for a friday...probably the best two days of the year to be half staffed.