Canoe chuck recipe tweak; subbing citra for saaz?

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Jul 28, 2023
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I decided to make another 5gal batch of the crowd pleasing beer Canoe Chuck.

1.5 lb. (680 g) Briess Pilsner dried malt extract @ 60 min

1.5 lb. (680 g) Briess Pilsner drieu malt extract @ 15 min

2 lb. (907 g) rice solids @ 60 min

0.75 oz. (21 g) Czech Saaz, 3.8% a.a.
@ 45 min

Question - I don’t have saaz, or any noble hops for that matter. I was thinking of subbing in a half oz of citra (9.6% a.a) at 30 min.

Can anyone sanity check this or suggest alternatives hop/schedule? This is a light beer and I don’t want to over hop and ruin it, but also want good flavor!
Thank you both, this is helpful. I’m not immediately opposed to “different beer”… would subbing wheat dme in some proportion balance it out more? I have trouble considering flavor profiles in the abstract, with fewer than 10 brews under my belt.

I know I’m essentially looking for a plug and play answer here, and “if you replace an axe handle, and then later the axe head, do you have the same axe” and all that. I appreciate any info I can get.
For many of the people I know, noble hops provide a pleasant bitterness. Most bittering hops used in IPAs impart a sticky/piney/hoppy taste that they do not like. Citra is one of the hops that they don't like.

What happens if one does the opposite (an IPA with noble hops)? I haven't brewed one, but I get to sample this one from time to time:


My "peeps" who dislike that sticky/piney taste say they still get some of that sticky/piney taste, but not nearly as much as with an typical IPA.
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