Cane and Ebel extract recipe help!

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Dec 10, 2011
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So, actually I'm pretty new to extract brewing. I've been all-grain brewing for 6 years though. However, I've moved from Chicago now to Puebla, Mexico. So I haven't gotten all my equipment, not to mention, getting the ingredients. To get by I've been doing some extract and mini-mash recipes.
One of my favorites is 2 Brothers Cane and Ebel. So I need some help to convert this to a mini mash or extract recipe. And since I get the ingredients when once in awhile when I go back to the States, I want to to do the best I can straight off. So I don't know if this should use rye syrup? Rye grain? Both? Need some solid advice.
This is what I've done all-grain. I'm just laying the grain bill out as I have the hop and sugar schedule just fine.
5.25 gal
10 Lbs. 2 row
1.66 lbs rye malt
1 lb crystal 10
.5 lb melanoidin
.5 lb crystal rye
.5 lb Munich
.14 lb black patent

So initially, I'm thinking..
9 lbs liquid Pale extract
1 lbs Liquid Munich malt extract

Steep in a bag:
1.66 lb Rye malt
1/2 lb Melanoidin
1/3 lb Crystal Rye
.09 lb Black Patent

Any observations? Comments?
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Oct 16, 2017
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If you want to get any fermentables out of the steeping grains put in a lb of 2 row. Rye has some enzymes but not a lot.