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Mar 16, 2023
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Toronto, Canada
Hi all! I already want to offer a big thank you to everyone. I've gone down the 'rabbit hole' of this site and have already learned a lot just be reading existing posts.

I use to brew beer during my university days about 25yrs ago to save money. I would buy the cheapest can-kits I could find. They were never that good, but hey, on a student's budget, cheap beer which I bottled in 2 litre pop bottles!

I was recently at a friend's place where I tried one of his home brews and wasn't expecting much, but damn, it was really, really good! He explained that the hobby has come along way from the days of the can-kits, and you can get boutique recipes/ingredients of pretty much any style you want to brew. So, I'm back! I bought a starter equipment kit and away I go!

My first batch was an American Amber Ale from Brewer's Best which I made about a week ago. I had so much fun I just bought a wheat beer kit which I made today. I followed the recipes to the letter, so here's hoping they turn out well!

Looking forward to learning more and advancing my skill set.
Welcome back to the obsession. You're doing right being on here for advice and restarting with kits and instructions. Learn, play around, then learn how to play around with it. I started wirh a Mr Beer kit many years ago, and within months was doing all-grain recipes of my own like many did and do.
Just bottled my very first batch. An Amber Ale. So excited, as it tasted pretty good to me out of the bucket! It's going to be hard to wait the 2 weeks for it to condition in the bottles!

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