Can you comment on any Palmer/Papazian recipes?

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Mar 10, 2007
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The Middle of NJ
I recently realized I never brewed any of the recipes in How To Brew or The Joy of Homebrewing. Has anyone brewed any of them and if so, which are recommended?
I brewed the Lady Liberty APA in How to Brew (3rd edition). It was really good and I'd like to brew it again someday. I think it was my first AG brew.
I loosely based my first batch of Amber American Ale off of Palmer's Cincinnati Pale Ale. It turned out very good and I later converted it to AG, I am not sure of the rest but they appear to be very straight forward, true to style recipes. It doesn't look to me like any of them would be 'bad'.
All from The Joy of Homebrewing and all extract with steeping grains

Who's in the Garden Grand Cru

I like this one a lot... Belgian Wit beer. Made me think of a better version of Hoegaarden.

Elbro Nerkte Brown Ale

My first beer(book said it could be ready in two weeks) things went well until I had to add my top off water, which I added way too much of, ended up with like 6.25 gallons. Beer came out a little thin to me, but after about 4 months the whole thing seemed to meld together and became very light and drinkable.

Vagabond Gingered Ale

My third beer, and still one of my favorites. Although the first one I tried, the ginger was like a kick in the face and I was worried. A week or so later it had calmed down and was delicious. I definitely would like to make this or something similar again... if I ever get around to rebrewing a recipe that is.

So, all in all the came out pretty well, especially when I was just starting and didn't have much of an idea what I was doing.
I brewed the Denkenfreudenburgerbrau-Oktoberfest All-grain version in How to Brew. The only change I made was subbing hallertauer hersbrucker hops for the liberty, and adjusting the grain bill a little for my efficiency.
It was really good!
homebrewer_99 said:
From Papa Z's I brewed the Propensity Honey was terrible...way too sweet for me...and this coming from a Hefe Weizen drinker...;)

I won't brew beer with honey ever again...:D

At what point was the honey added?
homebrewer_99 said:
In the boil. The last one was drunk by a friend (it was 7 months old by then) who said he liked it, but it's not for me...;)

But isn't honey like 99.9% fermentable? What could've made it so sweet?
Brewed Jamil's Pale Ale, it is fantastic, also brewed the Dunkelweizen, got a bit of a stuck ferment right now though, working on it.
I've made a couple recipes based on ones in Papazian's book.

I made the A-maize-ing Pale ale, substituting flaked maize for the corn starch, and icreasing the grain bill and hops to IPA specs. It turned out pretty tasty. The flaked maize gave it a nice dry finish.

Also, I based the recipe for my California Common on his "The Sun Has Left Us on Time " steam beer. I made it all grain, and added two ounces of carafa to give it a deep orange color. This was one the best beers I've ever made; I'm definitely going to brew a couple more batchesof it this year.
I'll be brewing the AG Port O' Palmer (How To Brew pg. 223-224) on Friday and will report back on it in a few weeks once I've sampled it.
I just made Bruce & Kays Dark Honey Lager (which isn't a lager) from Papazian's book except minus the spruce and with slightly different hops, it turned out good but it's a bit schizo, probably because I just used Cascade and Fuggles because that was what I had around, I didn't try to match IBUs or anything.
I made Port O' Palmer a few years ago. A bit drier than I like for a porter. I ended up adding 4 ounces of lactose.

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