Can I run my dip tube to the bottom of my keggle?

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Sep 24, 2020
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I have a keggle for a boil kettle that I just added to my system. I'm not used to the round bottom and it really leaves a lot of wort down there with my side dip tube. I'm wondering if I can run the dip tube almost to the bottom. I use a hop spider but, that still leaves a lot of hop sediment. Will that hop trub clog up my new plate chiller? I don't know. It was so easy having a side pick up on my flat bottom kettle but, this round bottom has me stumped. What do you guys do or what do suggest I do?
Did you measure how much you are actually leaving behind?

I'd be wary of trying to get too far down to the bottom and sucking all of that trub into the plate chiller. My side pick-up leaves about 1/3 gallon hop/protein/wort trub in my keggle, which works out pretty well since I don't use a spider for hops. I whirlpool and get a pretty good mound in the domed bottom.
I didn't get an answer very fast so, last night, I cut the dip tube and re-angled it to about a third of the way in. I'll try it with my IC first and then, decide if that's sufficient before I try the PC.

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