Can I rescue a really low OG ?

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Feb 23, 2019
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I have just put my wort into the fermentation vessel, measured the og and found it is way off, 1032 rather than 1062 as i forgot to add some of my grain. (3kg golden promise)

I have read that you can adjust the OG with DME, but as this is so far out, I wondered if it was worth pursuing this route and getting a good beer at the end of it, as I would need about 3 pounds of dme - or if there is another option i can take.

Appreciate any comments...
Thanks, I decided add a 1.5 kg can of light lme and added some of my wort to thin it out, boiled it, cooled it and added it to the fermenter.

Not ideal but hopefully get something drinkable out of it
I wouldnt have hesitated to add the extract either. Seems like an easy fix.

At least you didn't make the mistake the other way... I added twice as many Caramel malts as I intended once because I forgot that I had already weighed, milled, and added them to the grain bucket. Unfortunately, there was no way to undo that mistake.