Can I mix finished beer w/ my beer prior to bottling?

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Sep 12, 2015
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I am returning to the hobby after a 5 yr hiatus.

I made a 5 gal batch from a kit and it is so-so. Not bad but just a bit too light and lacks a lot of flavor.

It is ready to bottle.

What would happen if I add a 6 pack of something like Sam Adams to my bucket prior to adding the priming sugar and bottling?

I know it isn't going to make it great but I would want to know if it could add some more flavor just to beef it up a little?
Sounds like waste of a sixer of Sam Adams to me.

The beer will oxidize when you open it and pour it into the bottling bucket. You'll have a mixer of stale beer mixed in with your homebrew in jig time.

My advice would be to just bottle it and improve your methods on your next batch.
If the beer winds up meh -- mix it in the glass. I had a blonde earlier this year that came out a tad fruity because I fermented too cold with US05. I just waited til it was more summer-time and mixed it with greatfruit juice for some fantastic radlers.
Or wait till carbed up, pretend it's a Corona and add lime. Or, vanilla ( preferably Mexican vanilla )
NDB, You'd be adding a little more than 10% (volume wise), I don't think it would have a noticeable effect. I'd bottle it as is and see how it tastes in three weeks or so. Worse comes to worse, you've made beer and chalk it up as a learning experience.