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Jan 16, 2007
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I was wondering it I can leave my Apricot wheat ale in secondary for approx. 3-3.5 weeks. I haven't made it yet, but I will not be home during X-mas and after some future planning efforts, I won't be able to bottle the ale when I'm suppose to. Should I not even brew until I get back? I really don't want to wait. Could I have it sit in secondary a little longer and not have any bad side effects?:(
Typically Wheat beers dont go to secondary. Usually from primary to bottle.
True, but it won't hurt it a bit, and will still help the beer ago. Normally I would say that's no problem (I routinely leave beers in the clearing vessel over a month) but I'm not sure about the "apricot" part. Is that fruit to be added in the secondary, or a flavor at bottling? If it's real fruit, then I would be hesitant to leave it for that long. If it's an extract flavor, no problem.
Brew whenever you have time. Beer is patient and will wait for you to return.