cable diameter?

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left field brewer

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Jul 18, 2007
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Lansing, MI
I am looking into getting some cable for trellis and wonder what diameter is necessary?

I have a row of 5-16' 4"x4"s sunk 3' into the ground and stabilized by concrete. I plan on eventually having a upside down v with one row of plants on each side of the central cable connecting the posts. I plan on having groups of four rhizomes of same variety with two on each side of cable and greater distance between groups of different varieties. The eventual plan would have about 24 plants on the 60' row, 12 on each side of the cable. I of course plan on guying the trellis at each end.

How the heck amsupposed to figure the minimum necessary breaking strength? I see that some commercial farms use 3/8" or larger, but is that really required?IfI am going to spend the money for the stainless cable, I want to make sure it's strong enough. I was initially thinking 3/16" with 3700lbs. break strength. The cable clamps add up quickly though. Thanks.