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Feb 10, 2013
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I know there are other threads on this but since they are a few years old, I wanted to start a new one to make sure this one didn't get buried.

I noticed a huge discrepancy in BeerSmith calculations as opposed to other sources such as BYO. After fiddling with my BeerSmith options a bit, I finally am able to get the IBUs to come within a couple of tenths of an IBU point from what BYO states consistently from recipe to recipe (though this may not necessarily be realistic). Keeping all other hops settings at their defaults in Beersmith, I set the pellet utilization to -2.2%.

I contacted BYO directly and confirmed that all of their recipes assume pellet hops. I know IBU is not a hard and fast indicator and can vary depending on the calculation method (in my example, Tinseth), but in BeerSmith it can come in real handy if your alpha acids change on a hop from your vendor or if you just want to tweak the IBUs in a recipe you are designing.

Obviously I used the BYO discrepancy as my basis for coming up with a number but am thinking about using this -2.2% factor going forward when I come across recipes from other sources or even designing my own.

I'm curious to hear opinions on going forward with this setting.