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Jan 17, 2008
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Need some help picking out a burner.

I've got one already, but I don't the specs of it and i've actually never used it before. It came with the kegs that I bought. I need a 2nd burner for future use, and having the 2nd one around will be nice for this weekends brew party.

The new burner is going to be used for 5gal batches in either a keg or a regular 5 & 7 gal kettle. My kegs aren't converted, so depending on how i feel, i'll use either the 5 or 7 gal kettle.

I don't really know much about burners and stuff like that, so any help would be appreciated.

These are the 2 i was looking into:
That second one doesn't look too sturdy. The first one will support a keggle. Do a search of the forum on burners, it will give you a comparison of the different types. I know the SQ14 doesn't have a wind shield. I really don't know if it's that important. I got the SP10 model ( round cooking surface) but had to get a grill grate to put on top of it to support a keggle ( wasn't wide enough).
i'm just trying to find whatever i can pick up locally and near me. so far, these are about the only options i've found.

after reading some of the threads and searching, i'm leaning towards the SQ14 since i'll only be doing 5gal batches, and then later if i want bigger batches, i'll upgrade the regulator.