Bushing or grommet for kegerator gas line

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Jul 3, 2014
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I'm doing a kegerator conversion and would like to put in a couple of gas lines for an external tank with a double regulator. (That would allow me to have two different pressures for initial carbonating and serving.) The gas lines are 9/16 OD. I'm leery of just pushing them through a 9/16 hole as the ragged edges may score the gas lines. So, I'd like to use bushings or grommets. The refrigerator wall is about 1 1/2 inch. Do I really need bushings? If so, I'm having a hard time finding what I need. Has anyone else done this and if so, do they have part numbers? Thanks for any help.
I installed these 1/4" MFL-MFL bulkheads through the back wall of all three of my brewery fridges...


I just ran my gas line through an un-grommeted hole in the side of the fridge. On the inside, the line is secured with Adel clamps between the hole and the manifold. If you stop to think about it, what’s going to cause the line to be damaged? It’s attached to the side of the fridge and can’t move.

Mine has been working fine for >5 years.