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Death by Magumba!
Aug 22, 2007
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Melbourne, Fl
Uhg, Contractor moved a system startup/training up a week on me making it tomorrow and today was the first I heard of it. I was soooo not ready, now I am stuck writing a very lengthy and intricate control narative for tomorow's 9AM training. AARHG! Been at it for over 12 hours now and a little over half way done. I think I'll RWDAHB....
Don't you just love that last minute BS that the boss likes to throw on you? Hey we need this done, and you still need to do the rest of your job as well.

Hope the head guy isn't the type that takes the credit if you do well, but shxts on you if you don't.

Good Luck.
Actually he is pretty cool and is really the only reason I am doing this. The customer starts throwing around terms like liquidated damages and all that good stuff seems to light a fire under people's asses. Its cheaper to pay me a little OT then to littigate or develope a sour reputation. It's an opprotunity to shine or crash and burn, just horribly inconvienent! I wont be bright and shiny tomorrow morning though...
i feel you man, i was hanging around the firehouse writing like writing was going out of style.... i've been going through so much training these last few months i'm getting tired of taking notes...

sadly, i've got many more ahead of me.

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