Burner or Burners under a BIG KETTLE

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Oct 29, 2007
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Leesburg, VA
so the new 28 gallon kettle was so much fun to brew with yesterday. It was obvious though that the surface area of the bottom of the kettle was too much for my single wimpy propane burner.

Based on searching there are lots of good things about the banjo burner.

Has anyone mounted 2 burners under a single kettle?
I just built a dual burner set-up for my 30 gal brew pot. I used 1'' black pipe as a stand for the pot, a made legs for the two burners. I only brewed once with this set-up, but I'm pleased with it so far. I use two burners to get the boil started, then use one to maintain the boil. I can send you some pictures if you'd like. Send me your address and I'll get them out to you.

I saw your link you posted in another thread with a link to these burners. How far below the kettle do you mount these?