Burner Heat Shield

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Feb 8, 2009
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Folsom, CA
I finally melted my sight glass with the flames from my burner, so I figured it was time for a heat shield solution. I didn't really want to make heat shields for the valve, sight glass, and thermometer, so I ended up making a heat shield for the burner out of some light gauge steel. I started with a piece of 18in x 6in, and scored the metal so I could bend it easily. The bends in it fit perfectly around the front edge of the burner. The heat shield doesn't cover the banjo burner at all, but it creates a good enough lip to cover the edge of the pot and the stuff installed on it.

On to the pics!

Front view:

Side view:

Burner before heat shield:

Burner with heat shield installed. The heat shield doesn't cover the burner at all.

With the 15gal bayou pot on it. Everything is protected now :mug: