Built in chiller in boil kettle

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Aug 6, 2015
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Anyone do this? It’s always a pain in the ass for me to get the chiller in the pot and lid on at the end of a boil. I always find myself pushing and trying to get it past my thermometer thermo couple. Thought having it built in already just like on the HERMs HLT would be way easier. I would use 3/8” copper for it. Any reason it’s not always done? Seems way simpler. Yes maybe in the way for whirlpool but so is the immersion chiller. Any thoughts and has anyone done this before?
Might have to PBW clean every time... right now I rinse off the immersion chiller, rinse the BK, use a green scrubber on it to get any stuck on spots, rinse again and call it good. All cold water cleaning...

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