Building walk in cooler with inkbird

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Sep 6, 2021
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hi all. Thanks for being added to this forum. I am building a small walk in cooler/fridge in my enclosed trailer and I am trying to wire my inkbird itc-1000 to a portable Arctic King AC unit with 8000 btu. My cool storage room is 4’x8’x6’ tall. I’ve tried a variety of wiring configurations but can’t seem to get the inkbird to get the unit to start cooling. Attached is the wiring diagram for the portable ac unit and the inkbird. I tried splicing into the red wire going to the compressor and the blue one between condenser and compressor (see wiring diagram attached) with the inkbird wiring diagram, but neither configuration worked. I then wired the inkibird running the blue wire with the hot wire from port 1 then through pole 7 and 8 using it as a switch. When I powered it up I could hear the compressor start and then I powered the ac unit, but it still wouldn’t cool but the compressor was very hot to the touch. What am I doing wrong? By the way, I am new to forum’s and not that tech savy so forgive me if I should be on another thread. I mistakenly posted this on an older thread but realize I should have posted a new thread like this. Any help in wiring this up would be very appreciated. Thanks

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