Building 5L Mini Keg CO2 “Growler”

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Apr 23, 2008
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I’m wanting to get a 5L mini keg like one of these from eBay to make a pressurized growler similar to the hendrix keg. Wanted your input / suggestions on this.

I see that these caps/lids are available for it, also on eBay.

Also found this adapter that would allow the use of co2 cartridges:

I really like the new hendrix keg layout, where it lays on it’s side and has the faucet on the end. They aren’t available until August or later of this year and they only use co2 cartridges from what I can tell. I want to incorporate some ideas from it. If the lip of the 5L mini keg was larger, I would try a tri clamp like the hendrix keg has to go directly on the top of the keg.

I am unsure what internal thread size these mini kegs from eBay are. I found these tri clamp fittings that I think would work for allowing the beer faucet to screw directly into the tri clamp. I would just need to find another tri clamp fitting that has a male thread to fit the mini keg.

I want these features:

1. At least 1 gallon size for beer
2. Can be pressurized with a mini-co2 regulator with co2 cartridges OR from a ball lock gas connect. The capability to go between either without losing pressure (fill with large co2 tank, then use cartridges when taking away from the house).
3. PSI pressure gauge
4. Want to have a beer faucet shank to attach a perlick or comparable flow-control faucet. Faucet needs to be oriented correctly to serve with the mini keg laying on it’s side.

I have thought this combo may work out. Buy the following items. Remove the ball lock liquid out fitting and replace with a straight shank/adapter to accept any normal beer faucet. Build a “C” channel support from wood/plastic and band around the keg with large “hose” style clamps to keep the keg from rolling side to side.

-5L keg from eBay
-Keg lid with PRV & ball lock fittings
-Mini co2 regulator with gauge (for co2 cartridges)
-Tri clamp to female beer line adapter
-Male threaded tri clamp to fit mini keg (If I can find correct size of thread)
-Beer faucet

I know a lot of people will tell me that I can get a uKeg or different type of pressurized growler for much cheaper than building this one. I had a uKeg before and it worked ok. There were several things I didn’t like about it for my use though.

-You have to use co2 cartridges, which when needed replacing, you had to unscrew the lid and lose all the co2 in the growler.

-The co2 canister and holder sit down in the beer.

-Could not use a ball lock gas connect to charge the growler and unable to add a ball lock “bulkhead” fitting in the side due to it being vacuum sealed.

-Beer faucet was proprietary and could not be changed out for another faucet

-Beer dripped down onto the pressure gauge after pouring a pint

I understand building this will cost more than buying a ready to use product, but I’m willing to spend more to get the functionality that I want.

Does anyone have one of these style mini kegs and know what internal thread size it is?

Sorry for the long post, but I would rather provide more information than not having enough.
Guess it’s more trouble and money than it is worth to do what I originally wanted.

I found out about Trailkeg and ordered a complete kit and optional ball lock gas fitting. With that I can do everything I wanted originally, except for being able to keep a small height profile for storing in the refrigerator. I have some tall shelves on the inside door panel that will work great though. Excited to get it in and check it out. Seems like a solid set up! Their lid is also interchangeable with many other 64oz growler/water bottles too.