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For Sale Brutus inspired 10g HERMS 1500 OBO

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Oct 9, 2008
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Meridian, ID
Brutus Style Brew-rig setup for 10g batches. Setup for HERMS but can be used as a RIMS. Asking $1500 OBO for the entire setup.

Getting out of the hobby, and selling my brew rig. Located in Meridian Idaho.

Details of the rig:
Fully welded frame using 0.125 wall steel tube. Tubes are vented for pressure relief from the heat.
System setup to run on low-pressure propane.
12” Burners (Boil kettle, Mash Tun, and Hot Liquor Tank)
Pilots for Mash and HLT Stations.
Asco Red Hat valves for gas control @ Mash and HLT Station.
Dual pumps allow for pretty much every combination of fluid movement.
12’ ½ SS Coil inside the HLT for HERMS control.
Coil DOUBLES as a chiller for a closed-loop cooling system for less water use.
10lbs of Ice in HLT w/1 gal of water. Pump Hot wort through the coil back into the boil kettle. Efficient whirlpool and able to drop wort temperatures down to 80deg on a summer day with no problem.
Foodgrade Silicone tubing throughout from Catalog
Stainless Cam-Lock fittings throughout from Catalog
3peice stainless valves throughout from Catalog

Boil Kettle:
15g Keg style kettle with false bottom 8” and whirlpool port and site glass.

Mash Tun:

15g Keg Style with 12” (Full width foldable) false bottom
Mechanical temp gauge midway, positioned for 5gal batches.
Full stainless recirculation manifold. No tunneling, and allows for a very uniform distribution of wort.
Temperatures will stabilize within 1 deg of the HLT within the first 15m.
A 10g batch of 1.060 will hit 88% to 90% in efficiency on every batch. Able to brew over 1.100 OG @ 5G @ 75-80% without too much trouble.
Enough volume in MTL for a 90 min boil on beers under 1.070.

15g Key style with 12’ ½” Coil for heat transfer.
Also doubles as a primary chiller using ice to save on water consumption.


Electrical box setup with Auburn controls SLY-2342 controllers.
Liquid-tight RTD sensors, 2” probes with ¼ NPT Threads. PT100 Type sensors, highly accurate and linear from freezing to boiling.
Sensors have quick disconnect cables, Teflon Coated 6’ in length.
Gas Valve control isolators so you can run the controllers without having to worry about gas flow to burners.
Pilots on burners allow the system to turn on/off as needed.


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