Washington Brutus 10+ tons of extras

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Mar 19, 2019
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This is a sad day for me but I am selling my Brutus 10 that I built. Three keggles with stainless quick disconnects, a custom Herms coil (square) along with two stainless chugger pumps and silicon hoses. One keg is polished, another buffed and the last one swirled in look. Hurricane burners still in box, a custom control panel with Quick disconnect probes and LEDs. I haven't had the time to finish assembling it which is why the brand new gas valves and burners aren't connected to it. I built a custom arm off the base to install the control panel and have heavy duty casters not installed, just cut the metal wheels off and slip them in. This system has brewed A LOT of beer but never as it was designed to do unfortunately. Life got in the way. Here are some of the other things I have also. I really want to sell it all together but if I have to could separate some things and sell individually. I don't have any fermenters. If you're interested, shoot me a message and let's talk!

Red bull cooler/kegerator with 3 perlick taps
Two large c02 cylinders
8' long chest freezer with temp controller
About 10 corny kegs (ball lock)
Counterflow chiller (50') it's ugly but works great.
Refractometer and a lot of other random brewing parts and pieces.
Custom mash paddle
3 tap jockey box, looks great, needs taps.
Co2 regulator with 4 tap distributer
1/2 hp motor and shivs for building a grain will. Speed controller with that.

Looking to get $2000 for all of it.

I was a member on here for years but forgot my login info so I had to create a new account. Thanks for looking!

I live in the Tacoma Washington area

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