Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen"

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Jan 9, 2008
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BeerSmith Recipe Printout -
Recipe: Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen"
Brewer: Preston Brown
Asst Brewer:
Style: Weizenbock
TYPE: All Grain
Taste: SWIMBO's exact words "Thats the best beer I have ever had" She wont let me give any away... It's her beer she says.
Very good Summer beer. Nice light Citrus flavors with a very slight hint of Coriander. Perfect beer for the Ladies or after a long hard day in the sun.

Amount Item Type % or IBU
8.0 oz Rice Hulls (0.0 SRM) Adjunct 4.00 %
7 lbs Wheat Malt, Ger (2.0 SRM) Grain 56.00 %
1 lbs Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 8.00 %
1 lbs Munich Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) Grain 8.00 %
1 lbs Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain 8.00 %
1.00 oz Hallertauer [4.80 %] (45 min) Hops 15.3 IBU
0.5 tsp Coriander Seed (Boil 5.0 min) Misc
6.00 items Lemon Zest (Boil 15.0 min) Misc
4.00 items Orange Zest (Boil 15.0 min) Misc
2 lbs Honey (1.0 SRM) Flame out Sugar 16.00 %
1 Pkgs Hefeweizen Ale (White Labs #WLP300) Yeast-Wheat

Mash Schedule: Single Infusion, Medium Body
Total Grain Weight: 10.50 lb
Single Infusion, Medium Body
Step Time Name Description Step Temp
60 min Mash In Add 13.13 qt of water at 170.1 F 154.0 F
10 min Mash Out Add 7.35 qt of water at 198.5 F 168.0 F

Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen" is a combination of different beer recipe's that I found in an attempt to make Blue Moon Belgian Ale Clone. You should note that I am not a HOP HEAD, If you are then tweak the recipe.

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