Broke thermometer and hydrometer

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The Bone2

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Nov 19, 2007
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within 5 days of each other.

Bought a floating thermometer on Saturday. Same night after taking my wort temp, just barely set it down on the sink, bam, broken.

Bought a hydrometer same day. Tested my finishing gravity of my Bock this evening and left in in the "thief". Went to clean the thief, didn't realize the hydrometer was in there. Went to empty the hot water out of the thief. Bam. Broke the hydrometer.:eek:
I broke my first hydrometer by forgetting to put the plug back into the bottom of the storage tube.. Turned the tube on it's side, slid the hydrometer into it and tipped it up to put the top cap on.... SMASH on the tiles floor. Good thing I had a spare ;)
I ended up with backup thermometer and hydrometer as part of a ebay deal to get a benchtop capper. I figure the fact that I already have backups is the only reason I havn't broken anything yet!!
A floating thermometer is a major POS IMHO. After I broke my first one inside of the MLT I purchased a digital thermometer and a calibration thermometer. Checked the accuracy of the digital unit against the calibration unit. Using a sharpie I wrote the indicated temp. and the actual temp at 150*, 155* and 175*F. Calibrated the dial thermometer on the HLT and put the calibration thermometer up for safe keeping.

Not long after I started reading posts on this forum I purchased a refractometer because I read where so many people were breaking them and saying they could have bought a refractometer with all the money they had spent buying hydrometers.

I decided I'd learn from others mistakes rather figuring it won't happen to me.
would you believe in 13 years, i've never broken a hydro or thermometer?

(of course, now I am doomed to do it, probably tonite)
Hydros should be sold in pairs.

After I broke my 3rd hydro, I switched to a refract. I figured if it worked for more than three brews, then it was a better investement than my last two hydros.
malkore said:
would you believe in 13 years, i've never broken a hydro or thermometer?

(of course, now I am doomed to do it, probably tonite)

You know, I have always heard all of these stories of broken hydrometers and I always wondered how people managed to do that. However, I just broke mine last week. Had it for well over a year. I keep everything in a large rubbermaid tub, and when I pulled out my wort chiller, it somehow came out too and broke on the patio. I have two now.
I just had to replace a hydrometer two weeks ago- I picked up a spare one, as well. Might as well be on the safe side.
I keep two of each on hand, that way you are not SOL when it happens and you can just get one the next time you need supplies.
i was putting my hydro away last week and it fell out of the case and hit the concrete floor of my brew closet. the whole thing was in super slow motion with me going "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" and everything. somehow it didn't break, not even a scratch... i must have a special hydro...

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