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Here at HomeBrewTalk we are giving away a BrewsbySmith 2 stage Fermentation controller with per-assembled Temperature Controller and this giveaway is open to all regardless of membership status!

BrewsBySmith 2 stage Fermentation Temperature Controller featuring STC-1000 + controller

  • Fully assembled STC-1000 flashed with latest 1.06 firmware courtesy of alphaomega from
  • Software developed specifically for beer fermentation (ramp settings, programmable audible alarm), displays in degrees F or C
  • CNC machined enclosure including labeling for heating and cooling outlets
  • 16 gauge power cable included (6ft)
  • Available with optional tri-color LED for heating / cooling indication
  • Temperature sensor has 2 pin connector installed for ease of removal
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From everyone at BrewsbySmith and HomeBrewTalk we wish you luck!

Do these need calibrated? And how would one calibrate these? I see around 7 different readings at +- 2 deg F with the bottom picture makes it appear they are off by 5 degrees.
Although, within +- 2 deg is pretty good for the cost of these.
They pic was taken after one was in basement cold and hasn't warmed up yet. You can adjust the call if needed in software very easily but not likely at all to need to be done
My pleasure guys! Just trying to get some exposure out there. Have lots of these great devices in stock ready to ship.
Didn't realize there was third party firmware updates for these. Sounds like I have a new project! Count me in for one of these bad boys.
I was very impressed when I looked up the retail price! Looks way more expensive than a Johnson Controls digital unit.
You can calibrate these units. It's a +- function in the menu of the controller. They are good cheap units. I'm using to directly wired to a couple fridges. The only issue I've had is with a power fluctuation I've had it not turn back on for some reason when the power came back on. The unit was fine but need to be unplugged and plugged back in to start working again. Luckily it's only happened twice, but the first time it got really hot in the fridge while I was fermenting before I notice the controller wasn't running.