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Sep 7, 2016
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Hello! :)
I hope this is the right place to post all this.

Was searching on the net and I found the brewpi, I like the idea but I don’t exactly need all what it can offer.

What I do need is to check temp inside a cask (ageing whisky)
I also want to check temp inside the room where cask is located.

For my understanding DS18B20 Temperature Sensors can do the first part, as for the room, will DS18B20 work? Would also like to know if there are any other sensors out there that might be better suited for the “room”.

On the wiki it suggest to use a raspberry pi, I have one but I saw a post from Pocketmon using ESP8266 instead, since my needs are small, could it work with ESP8266?.

Do I need Channel Relay Board for all of this?

Lastly I can’t seem to found any info about this, is there any kind of way to check the alc/proof? Using like a sensor. (Yes I am aware this must sound so stupid to ask..)
To summary my “part” list
  • 1 Arudino Uno
  • 1 Raspberry Pi
  • 2 Temperature Sensors

Thanks for taking your time to read and hopefully answers


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May 31, 2011
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Stow, MA
I would've asked in the actual BrewPi thread where BrewPi-ers hang out, but...

You mention "check", not "control", wrt the cask and room temperatures.
If that's all you want to do, there's no need for a relay module, you only need the ds18b20 sensors, and something to talk to them.

In fact, the original/standard design BrewPi would be overkill if all you want to do is monitor temperatures, as it needs an Arduino (or equivalent) and a host computer (RPi or other) just to do that much.
All you really need is a accessible temperature monitor program. could use this clever hack running BrewPi code on an esp8266.
If you don't configure relays, it'll just display temperature of up to three ds18b20 probes. No RPi or Arduino required.

Or, you can run BrewPi completely on an RPi, no Arduino required.
Again, if you don't configure relays, it'll just display temperatures.

Wrt measuring room temperature, that's easy, just leave that probe laying about.
Monitoring your cask will likely require a thermowell for the probe to get through the cask into the whiskey (hopefully using an existing bung hole in some manner)...

Cheers! :mug:


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Mar 21, 2012
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You could also just use a regular indoor/outdoor thermometer. On of the probes going to the cask and the other hanging in the room. Unless you want to log temperatures, no need for the complexity of the Arduino/Brewpi build...