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BrewPi multiple fermenter firmware

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Mar 25, 2011
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I've been hacking on some firmware for quite a while now that can support multiple fermenters on a glycol system with a BrewPi. I know this is a feature coming eventually to the stock firmware. Until then though, this hack is finally fully configurable without recompiling the code.

It's still rough, but I'm putting it out there if anyone else needs a stopgap till the stock firmware has these features. I run two fermenters off a glycol chiller and use this firmware to control the chillier, glycol pump, glycol valves to each fermenter, and heaters for the fermenters. It is perfectly adequate for my needs.


What it does do:

  • Allows any number of fermenters
    Connection class gives flexibility to "hook up" PIDs and GPIO inputs to GPIO outputs. For example, my glycol pump comes on if either fermenter calls for cooling.
    Direct Wifi connection at the BrewPi, no RPi needed
    Support for mDNS discovery, ntp, and syslog
    Historical graphing can be done with Nagios

What it doesn't do:

  • There is no pretty gui. Interface is via telnet.
    It is not compatible with the BrewPi gui
    There is no local display on the device