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Sep 5, 2018
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Hi there,

over the last few days I started to assemble my first fermentation controller. Since I’m not a very crafty person I strictly adhered to the tutorial and to my surprise everything went smoothly. The software is up and running and the temperature probes are doing their thing as well. Last hurdle I have to take is the high voltage wiringwich is where my situation differs a little from the documentation.

I am using single European style power outlet I intend to use for the fridge, I won’t need a heater in my conditions. I would really appreciate someone were to have a look at the original wiring scheme and my situation, maybe even give me a little hint through the powers of MS Paint.

The power cords colors are:

Live > Brown
Neutral > Blue
Earth > Green/Yellow



I should brew soon...
Nov 7, 2020
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Disclaimer: If you are uncomfortable working with mains voltage, consult a proper electrician.

This is a rough layout via paint. The bottom relay controls heat, so you don’t need to use that one if the Pi and Arduino are wired per the original drawing.

Just using the cooling relay is pretty straightforward, HOWEVER, make sure the fridge you’re controlling doesn’t pull more amps than the relay board can handle, AND, verify the socket configuration for your specific country (paint drawing assumes line/hot is on the right of the socket as viewed from the front, but VERIFY this before proceeding).