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Jan 4, 2008
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Gainesville, Virginia
Hi folks,

Apparently, I accidentally ordered the wrong version of the Brewmometer - the one that comes without a nut and washers. Northern Brewer wants 18 big ones for a nut and two washers!

Does anyone know the correct size nuts, washers, and rubber washers I need? BTW - what are those little red rubber washers made of?

Thanks... where do you find those nuts? I looked at Lowes and Home Depot and none of the mixed nuts or washers fit well.
O-rings are usually hard to find without ordering in bulk. I have silicone hi-temp o-rings at home, and can mail a couple to ya if needed, just PM me. They're McMaster AS568A Dash No 211, 1/8" Fractional width, 13/16" x 1 1/16" size, if you want to see it, search for part no 9396K32.
The 18 big ones is not that far off considering the 1/2" SS locknut is like $7 of it. You could get away with brass for about $3 and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Stainless washers meant for 3/4" bolts fit over 1/2 NPT with just a tiny bit of filing.