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May 17, 2021
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I ordered two items from BrewItAll in mid to late July. In August I was advised that one of the items wouldn’t be in until early September and if I would like to cancel the order. I told them no and that I would still like the order. Expecting at least the in stock item to ship but never did. I waited until late September to reach out to the company to give them a chance because I know stocks are low. Over the course of late September to now, I have reached out to the company 5 times and only heard once when I asked if my order would be fulfilled or not and that I was charged (believing I was) but I wasn’t. They emailed be back and stated I shouldn’t have been charged and to let them know if I was. They never answered any of my emails prior or even my questions in the email if this order would ever be fulfilled. My concern was that if I bought from another company that they would fulfill the order down the road and I would have double the items. Extremely frustrated with this company and the lack of customer service. Even if they just kept me posted on the delay I would have understood or responded to my emails. Sometimes you gotta spend more to get the service you should be getting. I’ve dealt with morebeer, keg factory, spike, great fermentation, and others. And all have answered within hours of me stating a concern with a damaged item or exchange. I’m not one to complain either but 3-4 months of no answer is frustrating and I’d encourage others to go elsewhere. Thanks.


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Aug 3, 2006
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Whitehouse Station, NJ
That company is a 100% drop ship outfit. You buy the thing and then they go to (Morebeer's Wholesale division) and put the order in for you. In other words, they don't stock anything and you might as well go directly to Morebeer and let them have all the profit since they incur the cost of warehousing it. I hate companies that don't "do" anything productive other than online paperwork.