Brewing in Va. sure is difficult

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Feb 24, 2007
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Made a batch this weekend. Rainy and overcast and cool. Inside temp 68F. Perfect. Got home this afternoon, beautiful and sunny outside. Indoor temp 81 frickin degrees. Its either to hot or too cold all in the same damn 24 hours.
it was spitting freezing rain the last two nights we brewed this weekend. not bad, as usually it's ten below here in cleveland. i only had to wear a hoody, instead of the full body suit to keep from freezing. :mug:
tbeazile, where in Va are you? I'm trying to find other locals to help get me started, my first batch is gonna be bottled tommorow.
dam southern boys whining bout a little bit o heat. last time i brewed it was 25 degrees when i started and i thought it was great. it could of been blowin snow
I'm also in Va (Northern Va) and it is definitely a pain. Luckily I store everything in the basement where the temperature is surprisingly stable. Although it was very tough to get my temperature up enough for bottling.
tbeazlie, that figures, other side of the state..The only guy i knew who brewed retired a few months ago & I think he moved back up north. Thanks.

Any other brewers close to SWVA?