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Jun 20, 2006
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Oahu, HI
I moved about 6 months ago to Hawaii and had to sell all my brew gear before I moved, I know sucks to be me. However I really miss the hobby and have not found a place to brew equiptment. I need help. I know I could order everything over the internet, but that will cost an arm and a leg to ship. Help a brewer out! Any help getting me connected with hawaiian brewers or brew equiptment would be sweet. I live on Oahu and badly need to get back to this beloved hobby.
Here is information on the location for Hawaii Style Homebrew. I heard a rumor recently that they were going out of business, but according to this article it looks like someone bought them and they'll remain open. Don't know how the new ownership will work, but the previous store was OK. Not alot of selection and pretty much set up for extract brewing only. But, definately better than nothing.

Hawaii is an area hurting for a large scale LHBS.

Good Luck, hope they are still in business and that they can help you out.