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For Sale Brewing Hardware - Price in listing

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Jan 8, 2015
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Highland Park
Located in North Chicago. Looking to sell my brewing hardware. Loved brewing but cannot continue due to increased work and family requirements. Would rather sell the below as kits/whole. Willing to sell complete list for $1200.

Fermenter with glycol chiller. $1000 obo
-14 Gallon SS Brewtech Chronical BME. Comes with FTS. Used 3 times.
- SS Brewtech 1/5 hp glycol chiller with pump and hoses. Used 3 times.
- assorted fittings and parts. Standard parts that come with BME plus essentials and pressure transfer kits.

Mash tun, burner, wort chiller, 10 gallon kettle, other assorted odds and ends. $200.
- 10 gallon mashtun (Rubbermade cooler) with false bottom and ball valve. - 10 gallon stainless steel brew kettle
- Anvil propane burner
- 3 5 gallon Corny Kegs
- 5 lb CO2 tank
- 2 valve CO2 Regulator
- assorted brewing accessories.
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