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Oct 23, 2020
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hi all, recently i got on the need of a small chiller thos SS brewtech sells about 1/4hp, when i looked up their specs i saw something that caught my attention, the sell the chiller with a cooling capacity of 2500 BTU/H, that cant be on a 1/5 or 1/4 hp compressor, why? because that its the rating a compressor should have on high temperature work like A/C or something like ripening chamber for Bananas that are cold rooms running somewhere in 66-77 range.

i once read in a forum that someone asked with the DYI chiller with the A/C cant cold crash, so here the thing its:

there are different types of compressor for different types of applications but we will be focusing on this 3 types:
LBP, MBP, HBP, it means low/medium/high back pressure, in other words it means that the pressure the compressor can handle at the suction line, the lower the pressure the lower the temperature on the evaporator, so A/C units are mean to be on the high back pressure range i might be wrong but the minimun temperature on the evaporator its like 47 or 48F, that its the limit the home made chiller can go, so going back on what i said abpout the SS Brewtech chiller 2500 BTU/H its the capacity a 1/4 compressor con go on HBP application, but the SS chiller its meant to be at least 20F on the evaporator, meaning the cooling capacity its reduce due the lower back pressure on the compresor, so in reality the 1/4hp chiller have a cooling power of 1300 BTU/H or something around that number, it can go higher or lower depending on the brand and refrigerant type used.

here its the chart Tecumseh has for the compressor i bought, bote that i live outside USA so im using Celsius for tempeature

so i say why not make one, so first would be soucing the materials here its the bill:
1/4 Tecumseh (the one ssbrewtech uses) compressor (120v or 220v)
1/4 condenser with a 10w fan
1 suction line filter
6ft of capillar tube about 0.044in diameter
40ft of 3/8 inch copper tube (the one used in A/C the on that can be bended)
5 15% silver brazing rod
1 full gauge or any brand thermostat,

i know this its not on the DIY side if you doesnt have the skills for brazing copper but for me that have the skills plus materials and live outside USA (shipping cost its about the same price of the chiller) i can make a chiller of the same quality and cooling performance of the SS brewtech, i will be updating this post as im biulding this chiller.