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Jun 19, 2015
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I'm not sure this is really a diy but I wanted to share. I have 3 brewhemoth 22 gallon conical fermenters and have been looking for a way to insulate them that is aesthetically pleasing. (I spent all this money for stainless fermenters I want them to look nice) I have searched all over for neoprene jackets with few options available. Thought about buying the material and having my wife sew some but as much as neoprene costs I decided to try to make some spike cf-15 jackets fit. Overall I am pretty happy with the results. They arent a perfect fit but will work. I installed them backwards because none of the spike port holes lined up with my ports.. I had to poke some holes to bolt the legs on and cut one hole for my Racking port.. will be brewing a few batches soon so I'll report back if I see any improvements.. without them I struggled to get my fermenters below 40* f to cold crash with 75*+ ambient. I'm hoping these will help me be able to lager without racking to kegs as my "secondary"
Also for anyone with brewhemoth conicals spike brewing is an awesome source for compatible parts (sorry spike) their cf-15 chiller coil fits perfect and I love their spunding valves.