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Who's ready for the next giveaway? We took a little break over the holidays, but now where back in full force!
Bobby_M, owner of and staple of our community has donated a couple of great items to be given away this month and I want you all to get entered.
First we have a 12" or 18" RIMS Hardware Kit ($158 value). The best part of this is that you get to decide which RIMS hardware kit you're going to receive, be it the RIMS CAM, RIMS NPT, RIMS TC, or any of the others offered. One winner will take hone this hardware, but it won't be you if you don't enter.

Second place is a Hot Pod Element Install Kit (model EWL3) with choice of 5500 watt or 2000 watt all stainless heating element (package up to a $65 value).

Winner may also substitute a solder on or weld on version of the Hot Pod for easy element removal (Model ETC4S or ETC4WF) but this option does not include the element. A little more from Brewhardware on this inventive new heating element they have taken to market.

No more rusty element bases after two batches! No, we're not the first company to offer these to the homebrewing market, but we are offering the best price by far. This element will make 5500 watts at 240 volts or approximately 1400 watts on 120 volts. The length of the element from the hex flange to the tip is 12.5 inches. At 5500 watts, the watt density is approximately 105 watts per square inch making it a LWD element. At 120 volts/1400 watts, it's a mere 27 watts per square inch which would be perfect for a RIMS tube application."
There's only space for two winners in this giveaway, so don't delay, enter today! Here's the thread so you can sign up.
Forum entry is limited to supporting members, but as always we're more than happy to take your mail in entry! As it is the beginning of the year we do ask you consider our supporting membership program. Benefits are greater pm count, an ad free browsing experience, the ability to customize your account, and of course the ability to say you support the greatest homebrewing site on the planet! Here's a link with more information.
The giveaway thread closes January 29th at 11:59 pm central with the drawing the day of the 30th. FGrom everyone at Brewhardware, and HomeBrewTalk we wish you luck, and the best for you and yours heading into the New Year.