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Jan 10, 2015
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I have started using Brewfather a short time ago and have made 5 batches so far. I had been using BeerSmith 3.0 for several years and I especially like the inventory control on BS3. I have some BrewFather recipes entered and I clicked the Show Stock button to see if my inventory has all the ingredients. There is one entry that indicates Out Of Stock but when I look in the Inventory, there are several pounds of it. I tried deleting it from the recipe and adding it again, also, deleted it from inventory and then clicked the Update button, found it in inventory yet the recipe says it is Out Of Stock. I closed the Brewfather app and reopened it, all to no avail. I cannot figure out why it shows as Out Of Stock! BF Docs is no help here that I could find. Is this the only venue for BrewFather issues? Help.
Check the spelling. If one character is out of place or even a space... it may be considering the two as separate items.
Thanks for helping. I double checked the information in the recipe and the inventory and everything matches, even the spaces. It still shows as out of stock. The quantities in the recipe and the inventory are identical. Edit: The quantity in the recipe would bring the inventory amount to zero. I changed the recipe to 0.1 pounds less and the ingredient is no longer out of stock. I then changed the inventory amount to 0.1 pounds more and reset the recipe to the original quantity. The recipe item is no longer out of stock. My conclusion is that Brewfather will show the ingredient out of stock when the quantity reduces the inventory amount to zero. This happens regardless of the negative inventory setting. This to me smells of a bug that should be fixed.
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