Brewfather - Brewing extracts with Specialty grains issue

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Jul 26, 2018
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Hey all - I’m trying to brew a couple year-end extract batches on Brewfather and I’m having issues with the “steeping” steps not showing up when I go to start a brew batch. When I click the brewing tab, I had hoped to see the series of steps that instruct me to heat the water to X degrees and then have it identify the steeping grains to add, time the steep, and then go into the boil. No matter how I many ways I’ve tried it, the brew batch template starts with “Start Brew tracker”, and completely ignores the steeping additions and steps. I like the whole idea behind the brew tracker, but lacking the steeping portion of the batch for extract brews (with steeping grains) makes this “Brew tracker” somewhat incomplete. Am I missing something here? I’d hate to go back to Beersmith or Brewers Friend to get this functionality, but I will if I can’t figure this out. Again, I can write down these steps and just use the Brew tracker functionality once the steeping is complete, but i can’t believe that they missed this functionality in Brewfather, because it seems like it covers everything else in brewing process!