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Aug 24, 2010
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BrewCipher 7 spreadsheet, Late Valentine Edition, is now up for download.

New/Changed in Version 7:

- Styles Updated to BJCP 2021 Guidelines
- Added More Style Specific Suggested Water Profiles
- fixed a display issue for LODO additions on menu tab
- Tweaked/Added some Ingredients

Feature Recap...
- Predicts attenuation based not only on yeast strain, but also on mash conditions and grain bill composition
- Understands that simple sugars are 100% fermentable, and that they are not subject to mash efficiency or yeast strain factors
- Understands that some gravity contributors are not fermentable at all
- Accounts explicitly for wort and water losses, and adjusts total water (and related calculations) accordingly
- Uses a correct Tinseth formula with Avg Boil Gravity in the 'bigness' factor rather than the pre-boil OG (which is both popular and wrong)
- Incorporates optional Modified Tinseth and Rager Formulas…
------ Limits IBUs to 110 (solubility limit)
------ Splices new utilization curve to Tinseth and Rager curves above 65 IBUs, to more closely agree with actual vs theoretical IBUs measured
------ Adds bitterness contributions for post boil hop additions, modeled and extrapolated from the work of Mark G. Malowicki
- Hop Utilization Multiplier parameter to fine tune hop utilization to your system
- First Wort Hopping
- User adjustable Pellet/Leaf/Cryo/CO2 Extract Hop Bonuses/Penalties
- Single infusion batches with single batch sparge, or mashout and lauter, or Brew-In-A-Bag
- Wort Oxygenation Recommendations
- Lagering Days Recommendations
- Highlights any Gravities, ABVs, IBUs, and SRMs that are not within BJCP style guidelines
- Computes Diastatic Power for the Mash, and warns when grist's DP is marginal or poor
- Scales Grain Bill to any desired Original Gravity
- Scales Hop Bills to any desired IBUs
- Calculates Residual Alkalinity and Mash pH and results of acid and Brewing Salt Additions, including Sparge Water acidification
- Recommends Water Profiles by Style and accepts User Water Profiles
- Predicts Mash Efficiency based on known Efficiency and change in grain weight and/or sparge to no-sparge or vice versa
- Displays Implied Brewhouse Efficiency
- Automatically computes Yeast Starter Volumes, including stepped starters. Supports harvested yeast slurries.
- Includes an optional, alternate ABV calculation
- Inputs for Post Boil/Post Fermentation gravity and volume data, to compute actual mash efficiency, attenuation, and ABV
- Converts Refractometer readings Specific Gravity Values
- Choice of U.S. standard measurements or Metric
- Choice of Plato or SG gravity measurements
- SG/Plato Conversion Calculator
- Carbonation Calculations
- Hydrometer Specify Gravity Temperature Correction
- Mash Tun Overload and Required Temperature Exceeding Boiling Warnings
- Kegging Beer Line Length calculations
- CO2 Hop Extract and Cryo Hop Support
- pH Target Picker Tool
- Fruit Additions
- LODO Metabisulfate Additions
- More user selectable Brewhouse Parameters than you can shake a stick at (but the defaults will work pretty well for most people too)

BrewCipher runs in Excel, Apache Open Office, Google Sheets App, and the iOS Excel App. Download it from -> Google Drive <- or -> DropBox <-. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.