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Brew System for Sale

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Mar 20, 2013
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Putting my brew rig for sale. Bought it on here about 7 years ago and has been great to brew with. Just taking some time off for a while and need to reclaim the space in my basement. This will be for local pickup only (Stafford, Virginia), I am happy to help load it onto a pickup/rental truck. I cracked some of the PVC piping in moving it indoors last time, so you will need a run to the hardware store for less than $40 of pipe and fittings to return to operation. I paid $1,200 originally but asking $800. I'll walk you through how it works when picking up.

Happy to send more pictures if desired.
Thanks for looking

1. Brew Cart
a. Hard piped CPVC with multiple ball valves
b. Carbon filter system to HLT
c. On/Off switches for 2 pumps
d. Enamel painted wood with custom steel diamond plates
e. Pump shield
f. Built in power cord
g. Heavy duty casters
(Note: Some of the PVC piping broke when I moved it last. Probably less than $40 in pipe and fittings. I learned it is a tight fit through a bedroom sized door).

2. Mash Tun
a. Rubbermaind 10 Gallon Cooler
b. Thermowell
c. Stainless Steel false bottom

3. HLT
a. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kettle (tri-clad bottom)
b. Sanitary welded coupler with stainless steel ball valve
c. Sanitary welded coupler for thermowell
d. Blichmann Engineering thermometer
e. Lid

4. Boil Kettle
a. 15.5 gallon converted keg
b. Sanitary welded coupler
c. 3 pc stainless ball valve
d. Custom stainless dip tube

5. Pumps
a. Main pump (Morebeer H315 March pump; high flow)
b. Secondary pump; March 809

6. Built in Chiller
a. Copper Counter Flow Wort Chiller
b. Stainless fitting with inline thermometer (output)
c. Output hose
d. Quick disconnects

7. Burners
a. Two Bayou classics propane burners

8. Other
a. All the quick disconnects pictured.
b. Hop spider
c. Stainless Steel Spoon (3 feet)
d. One empty propane tank


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