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Feb 3, 2008
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Hi Folks,

I am new to homebrewing. Last week I put a batch into the fermentor. I used a Toothies Can with Coopers brewing sugar. It says to leave it for about a week. It was a warm day when I put the bew on and after I mixed everything in the fermentor the temperature stayed at 34 degrees. I ended up having to leave the brew to cool down over night (with the lid and airlock on). The next moring the temperature had dropped to 24 but there was a lot a sediment at the end of the fermentor. I assume this was the brewing sugar. I gave the mixture a good stir and added the yeast. I noticed a couple of hours later that there was again a lot of sediment in the end of the fermentor. A week later there is not quiet as much but there is sill a layer of sediment in there.

I reckon this is brewing sugar and from what I have read if I bottle this brew the excess sugar combined with the priming sugar could make the bottles explode. Anybody got any ideas what I should do ?

I am very tempted to open the lid give it a good stir and leave it for a couple of days, is this a good idea ? Should I just leave it for another couple of days and see if the yeast will eventually consume the sugar ?

Leave it along for another week and get a hydrometer. Yeast are very good at finding & using sugars. What you are seeing is the trub and is normal.
Thanks for the relpy. I took a Hydrometer reading last night and I'm going to do another one tonight to see if it's still fermenting. Finger crossed...
You are more than likely looking at trub that precipitates out of the wort when it cools. Let your fermentation continue and relax.
Everything will be fine.