Brew Rig- West Coast Brewer's Setup

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Home build home brewing system that I have been slowly evolving over the last few years. You can see more at https://www.westcoastbrewer.com
Boiling Equipment: Blichmann 20 Gallon BoilerMakers - Home Made RIMS System
Beer Bottling Gear: 4 Keg Setup
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SS BrewTech 7 Gallon Conical, 14 Gallon Conical and Brew Buckets
Wort Chillers: Immersion and Convoluted
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 2 Homebrew March Pumps with Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Hydro's, pH strips, microscope and Refractometer
Yeast Equipment: Stir Plate and Flasks
Cleansers and Sanitizers: PBW and StarSan