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Played around with brewing off and on for 18 years and this brew rig is where I ended up. I grew up in Oregon and developed a love for good beer early in life. I was stationed in Germany and returned to the US stationed in the southern US, prompted me to brew the European beers I missed. Flash forward and I am now back in Germany but hopefully retiring soon back to Oregon. I buy everything in bulk, looking to upgrade the kettle to 20 gallons, those 10 gallon boils get a little hairy! I also want to upgrade to stainless conical fermentors.

Boiling Equipment: 15 gallon kettle, keggle MLT and HLT
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Speidel 60l, buckets, and glass carboys
Wort Chillers: Zchiller
Plumbing, Pumps, and Hardware: stainless QD, high temp hose, chugger and steel head pumps