Brew Rig - Scrapper Freebie System

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This brew rig was made from old components and scrap materials.the kettle and later started as one tank. It was a 200l 20ga. wine tank that had a large Crack in the seam. I cut it in half. Made a bottom for the top half and welded it in. Installed a total discharge on the side at the bottom. Added a dam. Legs and 2 handles. The bottom half of the tank I added a total discharge on the bottom in the center. Welded a flatware right to the top for rigidity and strength. Then added a full length dimpled jacket. Also for the lauter i made a basket style screen with handles. Solid sides with a laser cut bottom for the filter.The HLT was made from leftover parts as well. It is 16 gallons. Has a sight glass and a spare arm that is also 1/2"stainless pipe that I bent into a circle and drilled a bunch of small holes in.
I've had this brew rig for about a year now. I'm planning on converting to natural gas. When I do that it'll have a burner under the HLT. I am also going to get a plate chiller to speed up things a little for the brew day.
Boiling Equipment: Propane burner under 26 gallon brew kettle with whirlpool
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Glass carboys. Currently building a stainless steel conical
Wort Chillers: 50'- 1/2" stainless chiller where worth is pumped through it. Once finished sparging the Lautner is cleaned and filled with ice and water to cool the wort that is pumped through the chiller.
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 1" sanitary stainless pipe with TRC connections. The pump is one I also salvaged from work. It was damaged as well as the all of its components. I was able to fix everything to make it work for me .