Brew Rig - ListenBrew's Setup

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Brew rig is set up with BCS and PID control panel 50amp with flow meters for mash and sparge, 7" touch screen
HLT 20 gal with HERM's coil, re-circulation port, sight glass, and 2 4500w elements
MLT 20gal with false bottom and recirculating port
Boil 20 gal with hop blocker, etched volume markings, re-circulation port, and 1 4500w element
Auto Hop carousel
2 chugger pumps
Motorized Ball valves
Folding brew table
Counter Flow Chiller

Boiling Equipment: 20 gal SS Pot
Beer Bottling Gear: 4 Head Auto-filler
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 15 Gal spiedel
Wort Chillers: Counter Flow
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: (2) Chugger pump